5th Annual Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop

The objective of this meeting is to provide a forum for the free exchange of information on the development and use of light-sheet fluorescence microscopy.  Although many names and acronyms (e.g., OPFOS, SPIM, TSLIM) have been used to describe this technology, we have agreed to call it: light-sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM).

The first meeting of the LSFM Workshop was held in Dresden, Germany. This 5th annual meeting will be held in the USA for the first time at the Carl Zeiss USA headquarters in Thornwood, New York, from September 15-17th.  Carl Zeiss has supported the LSFM Workshop since its beginning and they have recently developed a light-sheet microscope called Lightsheet Z.1.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee (Peter Santi, Corrine Lorenzo, Emmanuel Reynaud, Ernst Stelzer and Pavel Tomancak) we welcome your attendance and participation at the 5th Annual LSFM Workshop.

Contact Information
Program Chair:  Peter Santi
612 626 9881
Carl Zeiss Marketing Manager: Maya Everett
  +1 914-681-7782
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